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Choosing the Right Speaker Stand

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As home theatres become larger and more professional, high-quality speaker systems, including surround sound, are growing in popularity. But there’s no use keeping these speakers on the ground – make the most of your sound equipment with a set of speaker stands.

Speaker stands come in a range of styles and sizes to suit a number of speaker configurations, so you should do your research before you commit to a product.

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

The simplest bookshelf speaker systems, which are usually lighter and cheaper than traditional floor-standing speakers, start in sets of two. For these, a pair of bookshelf speaker stands would be required, and they won’t usually need to support more than 25lbs. Always compare individual product details to your speaker specifications to ensure you choose the right stand.

Surround Sound Speaker Stands

When it comes to surround sound speaker stands, the main consideration is quantity. Common setups include Cinema 5.1, which includes five speakers and a sub-woofer, 7.1 (seven speakers plus sub), 9.1 (nine speakers plus sub) and 11.1 (11 speakers plus sub). If you have already purchased your speaker system, simply take it out of the box and count the units. If not, it’s important to know how many speakers you plan to use and to use that figure to decide how many stands for speakers you will need. Again, check the speaker specifications and ensure the stands you choose are able to support them.


For optimum sound, you generally want your speakers to sit at ear height when you are in a seated position. Once you know that height you can easily choose an appropriate set of speaker stands, which are usually between 17 inches and 36 inches tall. For greater flexibility, consider adjustable speaker stands.