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Don’t Forget the Changing Table Pad!

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Have you been beaming every time you think of the changing station you’ve ordered for your new nursery? Don’t forget to make sure your table or dresser has the diaper changing pad included.

If you do still need a changing pad, your options include variations in shape, thickness, material, and covering. Your standard choices in terms of shape are: basic flat, a contoured model with 2 raised sides, or a cocoon with 4 sides.

You can find mattress-quality changing table pads from manufacturers like Simmons. You could also get smaller, more portable pads. Moms that will be on the go regularly might want one of each.

Or are you replacing an older diaper changing pad? Think about what you liked best about your old pad, but also consider what you’d like to improve. Would it help to have something thicker? Or larger? Do you already know that you want foam or a quilted outer layer?

Changing Pad 101

Are you purchasing a changing table pad for a baby shower? If you’re buying a gift, but you don’t know much about nursery supplies, do a bit of research to make sure your present will meet mom’s needs.

You’ll want to be sure the changing table pad you purchase will fit the tray, unless you’re purchasing both at the same time. A pad that is too small may still work, but if you give mom a changing pad that is too large for the dresser and tray she already has, chances are she’ll have to take it back. Remember how busy mom will be and save her time up front.

Consider that a diaper changing pad is likely to get wet frequently, so it should have a water resistant layer. You may also want to include a cover that is both softer on baby’s skin and washable when messes and stains occur. Keep in mind that the whole pad can’t go into the laundry, so covers really are a must.

Portable Changing Pads And Covers

If you own a portable play yard with changing tray attachment, you’ll want a compatible changing pad. The Graco Pack N Play Playard can be purchased with a changing tray along with matching diaper changing pad and covers.

When shopping for changing table pad covers, look for dark colors or patterns if you think stains might bother you over time. Think of your pad covers like a sheet; you’ll probably want to wash and change them often, so you’ll need at least several different covers.

Go Organic with Your Changing Pad Cover

Organic cotton is a popular changing pad cover choice for moms being very careful about fabrics and surfaces that come into contact with their baby. You could be interested in cotton, organic or otherwise, because it is a natural fabric that feels comfortable on almost all skin types.

When you decide on a diaper changing pad, think about the many places and situations you may find yourself changing your baby. Get the pad(s) that will meet your needs and you’ll make diaper time a bit more manageable. At Cymax there is a great selection of changing table pads.