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Upgrade Your Built-in Fireplace with an Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex Self Trimming Electric Fireplace Insert

You’ve been contemplating the difficulty of replacing your old electric fireplace. It worked perfectly for years and years, but now, the heat is uneven and the light cuts in and out like a broken neon sign. Once the centerpiece of your favorite room, your fireplace is now a source of irritation. An electric fireplace insert is the answer.

Alternately, you’re finally ready to take on the task of converting a wood fireplace. You already enjoy your fireplace, but the safety and efficiency concerns are mounting in your mind. Consider an electric fireplace insert in that case as well.

Install an Electric Fireplace with Ease

Your first concern when looking for an electric fireplace insert will likely be fit. Is there anything on the market in the size you need? A surprising variety of small, medium, and large sizes mean that restoring your love for your fireplace may be just a few clicks away. Inserts also come in square and trapezoid shapes to snugly fit into your existing space.

Another convenience of a new electric fireplace insert is the remote control. Whether you had a remote with your older model or not, you’ll definitely enjoy the up-to-date functionality and slim design. Control the simulated flame, crackle, and sparks as easily as you monitor heat.

Converting a wood-burning fireplace with an electric fireplace insert can be surprisingly easy. Models that release heat through the front frame do not require ventilation installation and can be plugged right in. You can also convert a gel fireplace with an insert.

Trusted Brand Names

If you’re wary of trying an insert, take comfort in knowing that manufacturers of proven full-size electric fireplaces also make inserts. A Classic Flame, Dimplex, or Real Flame fireplace insert will utilize the same technology, developed by trusted brands.

Snag an electric fireplace insert on sale, and you get a trusted brand name at a great price. Purchasing online is also a convenient way to take advantage of sales from your favorite manufacturer.

Electric Fireplace Inserts Provide Long Lasting Light

Many new electric fireplace inserts feature LED (light emitting diode) bulbs which, like strands of holiday lights, are designed to withstand years of regular use before needing to be replaced. Free from filaments, LEDs are sturdier and resist damage when bumped or jarred.

An electric fireplace insert with LED lights is a great choice for warmer climates or homeowners that like a fire during the summer. Make your fire as green as possible by creating heat only when you really want it.

Make the Switch to an Electric Fireplace Insert for Safety’s Sake

An electric fireplace insert effectively converts an old traditional fireplace into an efficient, modern appliance. The days of irritating respiratory conditions or smoke allergies will be a thing of the past. And you’ll stop worrying about creosote build up in your chimney. Although you’re giving up some of the ambiance a traditional fire, keep in mind that the long term benefits of making the switch could be as dramatic as saving your home from a house fire.