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Things to consider Before Buying a Desk

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When planning a home office, there are some important things to consider first. Having an idea in advance of what your work area will look like when completed will help you select the right desk for your personal requirements. But there is more to a home office than just the desk. Computer desks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; make sure you get the one that is right for your specific work environment.

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Office Furniture including the Computer Desk

Make a checklist of all of the office equipment you will be using on a regular basis. Include dimensions so that you can get a better idea of just how much space you will need to plan for. In addition to your computer monitor and CPU or laptop, you will need to take into account any peripherals, such as the printer, telephone and fax machine. Allow for any other office furnishings you might need, like a file cabinet or bookcase. Computer desks with hutch are a particularly clever of making the most a room’s available floor space.

Be comfortable. Choose an office chair that will not only complement the desk you selected, but will also support you ergonomically. Make sure that the height of the computer keyboard is just right: if it is placed either too high or too low, it can contribute to wrist strain, carpal tunnel and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

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Home Office Location

Decide where you want to put the computer desk. Will your home office have a room of its own or is it going to be integrated into other living areas like the family room or an alcove? If it is going to be part of another room, you might want to consider using partitions or a decorative screen to create a sense of privacy.

The power sources you will require and where the furniture should be placed in relation to sockets and phone jacks will also play a role in the location you select for your home office.

Where you put your home office can also impact what kind of desk you will end up buying. If there’s no place else except for a corner of the family, then a corner desk will be the perfect solution.

Computer Desks Buying Tips

From the checklist of office equipment, you will be able to determine what size of computer desk you will need to accommodate everything. If you need a lot of room or if you will be sharing, while U-shaped desks take up the most floor space, they do provide ample work and storage space solutions.

Take into consideration how many people will be using the computer desk/home office. Also, keep in mind whether they are right or left-handed. Setting up an office space that takes your dominate hand into account, will make your work area more ergonomic.

If handedness is a consideration, some manufacturers offer L-shaped desks that are reversible, allowing you to attach the desk on either the right or left side.

A work surface of 24” in depth will be adequate enough to accommodate the monitor, which should be positioned at least 14-16” away from you when sitting at the desk.

When purchasing a unit that includes glass shelves, doors or tabletops, choose one that uses tempered glass. Tempered glass is treated with heat or a chemical solution to make it stronger and safer and is designed to break into small fragments rather large shards.

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