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The Right Adjustable Office Chair For You

In an age when we spend many of our waking hours in our workplaces, specifically sitting at our desks, having the right adjustable office chair has never been more important. Before setting your budget, as the price range is broad, ask yourself what form and function you need from your office or computer chair.

Do you need back support for hours at your workplace or home computer? Will your chair see daily, but short-term use from several employees or family members? Does it need to fit in a tight space? Are castor wheels a must? Answer these questions and the selection of workplace ergonomic chairs and basic home office chairs will automatically narrow to a less daunting size.

Ergonomic Chairs Get You ‘Back’ to Work

Prevent back pain and discomfort when you choose the mesh chair or adjustable office chair that has the structure of your spine in mind. Ergonomic chairs are so named for the Greek words “ergon” (work) and “nomos” (natural laws). Today, the science behind the design of these chairs is intended to prevent injury from the repetitive movement that doesn’t flow with the body’s natural shape and function.

Shopping as an employer? Consider ergonomic chairs as a way to encourage productivity. Your staff will spend more time concentrating and less time walking or stretching to relieve back pain – not to mention the time saved from attending doctor’s appointments.

Shopping for your own chair? At work or home, when you pick your own chair, your first priority should be comfort. We know you want to save money, but ergonomic chairs can also be economical.

Affordable Home Office Chairs

If most of your professional work is done outside the home, it can be difficult to justify a large price tag on the chair for your computer room at home. You’ll want to look at home office chairs that provide comfort, but don’t necessarily have sophisticated body support.

Most economical home office chairs feature synthetic fabric, plastic, and steel or other metal construction. The best prices you’ll find for an adjustable office chair will be on products also referred to as a “task” chair. These are small seat, small back chairs on a basic frame. Keep in mind that a task chair is not designed to support your back for hours of seated work.

An Office Star chair is a nice mid-range product that combines style and affordability. Whether you’re looking at leather or mesh office chairs, an Office Star chair can work with your décor without breaking the bank.

Make An Impression with An Executive Chair

Sometimes the chair you sit in can be the throne that makes a statement. If you want maximum impact, look for a leather executive chair with a tufted back and padded arms. Many leather executive chair designs convey a regal air of sophistication and prestige.

If you find that a leather or large executive chair isn’t really your taste, look for high-back models that still make an impression. You’ll discover elegant, contemporary designs that feature striking lines and fabrics.

Whatever type of adjustable office chair you want, the selection of products on the market – that meet your structural and financial requirements – will keep you browsing for a while. As long as you’ve made your key decisions up-front, you’ll sit in style and comfort for years.