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TV Consoles Buying Guide

Gone are the days when there were only ugly TV consoles on the market. They might have been very functional but they were certainly not attractive to look at. Fortunately times have changed. Today’s new TV consoles are designed to fully integrate with your décor style and fit in with the rest of your furniture. But there is more to consider than just looks when purchasing a new TV console. We've broken down the basics for you in this handy guide.

Walker Edison 58 in. Wood TV Console in Espresso

TV Console Size

The first thing you will want to think about is the size of your TV. Be sure to purchase a television console that is wider than your TV for safety reasons. An extra wide stand will also allow for display space at either end. If space is at a premium consider a floating or shallow model that will still offer storage but won’t take up floor space.

TV Console Height

The height of your TV console should also be taken into consideration. If your sofa or seating area is low to the ground, consider a low TV stand for comfortable viewing. If you are placing a TV where it needs to be seen from the kitchen then be sure to choose a TV console that is at least counter height (36”) for a clear view. Or if you are choosing a TV console for the bedroom choose one that is at least the height of the bed.

Riverside Furniture Coventry Two Tone Tall TV Console in Dover White
Sligh Breckenridge Silverthorne TV Console in Briarwood

TV Console Storage

Your storage needs should also be considered. Take inventory of how many electronics and accessories you will need to store. Perhaps a TV console table with a combination of drawers and display shelves would suit you best. Also take into consideration whether you want open or closed storage. Some people prefer to display their components and DVD collection out in the open. Others want hidden storage in the form of cabinet doors or drawers that will hide everything away out of sight. For the best of both worlds consider a dark or smoked glass cabinet door that will allow IR reception but still hide away your electronics.


Finally, you will want to choose a TV console that fits into your décor style. If your home is contemporary, choose a sleek and modern TV console with long and linear styling. Or for a more traditional look consider a console that has the good looks of an antique. With the incredible selection of TV consoles for flat screens on the market today, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your style and storage needs.