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Pub Sets can Make your Home Stylish and Functional

The resurgent popularity of home bars has had a similar effect for pub sets, and these table and chair sets are now more frequently incorporated into the home as a stylish spot for enjoying drinks and some engaging conversation. Slim and space-conscious, pub tables are just as well-suited to a kitchen nook or a back corner of your entertainment areas as they are to the dining room. Locating one near a window can be the perfect place for breakfast on a sunny morning. Your considerations when purchasing a pub set are much the same as those for any collection of furniture pieces that have to “work” together.

Good Locations for Pub Table Sets

The smaller table top size or diameter of a pub table means greater freedom as to where you can locate it in your home without it impinging on open space. A pub table and a pair of high chairs will most commonly be worked into a dining or entertainment area where complementary seating heightens the decor and / or more expansive seating fixtures are impractical. Many people choose to place them in less central area of the room as a seating alternative or a spot where a small number of guests can enjoy drinks before dinner. As mentioned, locating one near a window can provide an enjoyable reprieve from the ordinary when the view is worth taking in.

However, a pub set can also serve as a more primary seating fixture in any eating area that has space constraints. This is particularly true of smaller dining areas in apartments or condominiums that do not feature a separate dining room where a portion of the common space must be used for this purpose. Many such accommodations feature a dining counter, and a pub set can be placed in front of the dining counter if you wish to have an actual table without taking up much precious space.

Typical Construction Elements

A wooden pub set is likely the one of choice for any traditional decor. A wooden pub table and stools have a natural warmth of character and typically age well. The only concern for wooden components is that they are more susceptible to nicks and scratches than other more durable exterior materials.

A glass table top pub set with a metal base is a popular variety that feature styles and designs for both traditional contemporary and modern contemporary themes. Do keep in mind that a pub set that includes a table with tempered glass will be stronger than one that has a regular class top.

A pub set that pairs a metal base with a wooden or composite material table top is the most durable option and one that you can locate worry-free in more high traffic areas of the home or one where children or youth may use it.