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How to Choose a Rocking Chair or Glider

Choosing a Rocking Chair or Glider

A rocking chair or glider can be an essential part of the nursery, not only for its décor statement but also as a comfortable place for mom to nurse and bond with baby. But you might have some questions, particularly if this is your first time looking at nursery gliders and nursery rockers. When buying a rocking chair or glider, what should you look for? Are they safe? What are the differences between a rocking chair and glider? Read on to find out.

Skip the Traditional Rocking Chair

While a traditional nursery rocking chair can certainly have a timeless look and fit perfectly well in your living room post-nursery years, they are not necessarily the safest bet for the nursery. Little hands and legs (and even your pooch’s tail) could get pinched beneath a rocker. This is why rocking chairs for babies designed specifically for the nursery is a better option.

Nursery Rockers: What to Look For

Design Like anything else, you want a piece of furniture that is well built and that will last for years to come. If the one at the shop is squeaky and rickety from simply being tested by shoppers, chances are it will wear out the same way at your own home. The last thing you want while trying to get baby to fall asleep is a rocking chair that squeaks or makes any kind of noise when you sit down and get up.

Comfort The chair should be steady enough so that you can sit down on it and get up from it without any kind of difficulty. Remember, you will have a baby in your arms! Another thing to consider is the color of your rocking chair. Darker colors are always a safer bet for hiding stains. If the chair comes with cushions, consider whether you want something that can be detached and cleaned or if they are permanently attached to the nursery rocker.

Nursery Glider: What to Look For

A glider with spindles or glued joints that might not withstand basic leaning and shacking should be avoided. If possible, test the glider to make sure there are no sticky points and that it offers a smooth gliding movement through the range of motion. Once baby starts to grow, her tiny fingers and hands will be able to reach any small space so it is important that the glider’s hinges and glides are covered for safety.

Make sure the rockers or glider is easy to sit on and get up from. You don’t want to have to struggle with the act of sitting, particularly with a sleeping (or quite likely crying) baby in your arms. Most gliders also come with cushions. Remember to consider how easy the glider will be to clean. Lastly, consider whether you will be more comfortable with your feet up or not as many gliders come with a matching footrest or ottoman. Some models feature footrests with a rocking mechanism while others are stationary. Test out both kinds to see what feels more comfortable.