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Coaster Furniture Bycast Leather Sofa

If you’re out to buy a sectional sofa that means it will probably be the largest and most important piece of furniture in your living room. Sectional sofas will take up quite a bit of space with their multiple pieces and arrangements, but that’s OK since they’ll definitely become the centerpiece of the room. Because eyes will instantly be drawn to your new sectional, it’s important to find one that not only suits the room’s décor, but also meets your personal expectations.

So what should you be looking for when you begin your search for a new sectional sofa? Size, material, style and price will all be major factors in your decision, so let’s take a look at all four.

Sectional Sofa in Black Leather

Sectional Sofa Size

The first step is to take measurements of your living room. Because sectionals are so large, they should only be recommended for rooms with plenty of space. Luckily, the different pieces of a sectional sofa can be set up in an ar
ray of positions so oddly shaped rooms aren’t exempt.

Being able to rearrange the sections on the fly makes reconfigurations and furniture shifts much, much easier.

Sectional Material

When buying a new sofa, people often jump towards a leather sectional because of its sexy reputation, but take a moment to think about your lifestyle when it comes to choosing a material for your sectional. If you have babies or young children, a microfiber sofa is your best bet as it is soft, easy to clean and offers better stain resistance.

Leather is soft and stylish, and gives your room an elegant and sophisticated look, while fabric sofas give you a wider range of patterns, colors and styles to choose from.

Klaussner Furniture Fletcher  3 Piece Sectional

Sectional Style

Here’s where you can get creative. You want to match your sectional sofa to the room’s existing décor, or if you’re starting from scratch, choose a style that you want to build around.

Traditional styles typically feature regal embellishment, with decorative carvings, complex patterns and grand statements. Warm woods like cherry and oak are often incorporated (think cabriole legs) and big, plush cushions are often used.

For contemporary sectionals, look for upholstered or leather sofas. Shapes are often geometric, with gentle curves and angles to add a touch of panache. Neutral colors like chocolate or black are regularly used, although bold colors are available.

If you’re going modern that means extremely simple, no frills or decorations, straight and clean lines, low to the floor design and a combination of materials like steel and leather. A modern sectional would fit best in a sparsely furnished room with geometric coloring and perhaps striking pieces of accent furniture.

Sectional Price

When it comes to price, expect to pay more for sectional sofas than you would for standard sofas. You’ll get your money’s worth though, as sectionals offer more room than a standard sofa, and give you flexibility when it comes to positioning the furniture in your room. Finding cheap sectionals or discount sectionals that are of high quality is possible, but don’t skimp just to save a penny. A great sectional can be the focus of your living room for years to come.