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How to Buy the Perfect Bed for You

Try functioning without a good night’s sleep. We’ve all done it at one time or another. Our day just doesn’t seem to go as smoothly as when we have had a restful night and have woken up refreshed, ready to begin the day. The bed is where it all begins.

In decorating terms the bed it the focal point of the bedroom. But more importantly, in order for you to get the sleep you need, the bed must be comfortable. While a well-dressed bed is what makes the room esthetically pleasing, it’s the bed frame that makes the bed strong and durable. In order to create a place that will be a sanctuary where you can relax after a busy day, this brief guide will help you decide what type of bed best suit your requirements.

Modloft Chelsea Bed in Dusty Grey Leather

Construction Materials

Since you will sleeping in it for at least eight hours at a stretch, the mattress you buy for your bedroom needs to be comfortable and the bed frame must be strong, well-constructed and durable. When shopping for a new bed, concentrate on how it is made rather than how it looks. Iron and solid hardwood are the best materials for bed frames. Metal beds, including iron beds and wood beds made with kiln-dried hardwoods are both good choices when picking a bed that is strong and durable.

Size and Available Space

Decide what type of bed you would like to purchase before buying a new mattress and box spring. A platform bed, for example, doesn’t require a box spring; if you purchase the mattress set (mattress and box spring) first, you might be stuck with a box spring you end up not using.

Many manufacturers refer to bed sizes by the size of mattress the bed is designed to hold. The actual size of the bed will be larger. Especially when decorating a small sized bedroom, it is important to measure the area where the bed is to go to ensure that it will fit the space. If you have your heart set on a decorative bed like four poster bed or a sleigh bed, make sure that your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it. Regarding four poster beds, check ceiling height to see if there will be enough room for taller-style posts. Because of its decorative “S” curvature, the headboard and footboard of a sleigh bed may take up more room than a flat headboard design.If space is a concern, look for a sleigh bed that does not curve so dramatically outward.

Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Sovereign Poster Bed with Optional Canopy in Tamarind
Modus Furniture Ledge Upholstered Platform Bed with Tufted Headboard in Chocolate

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Also to keep in mind, some manufacturers offer headboards that can accommodate two bed sizes. When purchasing a platform bed, canopy bed or storage bed that can be used with two mattress sizes, such as full and queen, keep in mind that there will be gaps between the outer edge of the headboard and the outer edge of the smaller sized mattress.

If you are decorating a small space or are on a budget, for a cheap bed idea consider buying just a headboard, bed frame and mattress. Not having a footboard will open up the bed and make the room feel less cramped or closed in. Should this option be appealing, before making a final decision, check to see if the headboard will work with your existing bed frame, if you have one.