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How to Buy Nursery Gliders for the Nursery

Having a nursery rocker as part of your nursery décor is important for several reasons. It’s not just a place to sit when you are feeding your baby or rocking your child to sleep. The nursery rocker plays an important role in bonding with your infant. When he or she is a little older, it will most likely be the place where story time will happen. Glider rocking chairs for nursery settings set the stage for a lifetime of memories. For this reason alone, it should be the most comfortable and the best type of nursery glider that you can afford. However, before making a final decision about what kind of glider rocker will work best in your nursery, here are some things to consider.

Features of Rocking Chairs for Nursery Settings

Nursery gliders are available in a variety of models and offer a number of different features, like pockets, organizer compartments or swivel capabilities. To get the most out of your nursery glider, especially if you intend to repurpose it in another part of your home once it’s no longer needed in the nursery, consider the kinds of features that will be most useful to you.

Particularly if your nursery glider rocker will not be near a dresser, nightstand or accent table, you will find organizer pouches or other types of hidden storage very useful.

Consider purchasing a rocker glider with a locking mechanism, especially if there are younger children in the household. And don’t forget the family pet; squished tails are preventable. When selecting a glider that includes an ottoman, make sure that the ottoman also has a locking mechanism.

Stationary or adjustable? Depending on several factors including how tall you are, the length of your legs and the angle of the glider ottoman, a stationary ottoman might be a more comfortable fit.

More Tips for Buying a Nursery Glider

Check to see that the nursery rocker glider is well constructed, without any rough edges. Finishes and fabrics should be non-toxic.

Because it will be the place where you will try to convince baby to go back to sleep, the nursery rocker glider should operate smoothly and soundlessly. Even a little squeak or the smallest noise might prevent your child from falling back to sleep.

Rocking chairs for nursery environments should be designed for comfort. The backrest should be ergonomically shaped to provide proper support while the seating area should be wide enough for you to sit comfortably.

Locking mechanisms or levers should be easy to use and within reach, without having to bend or twist.