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How to Buy Dining Chairs that Fit Your Dining Room

If you’re going to spend every night at the dinner table, then it’s pretty important to consider what you’ll be sitting on. While the table might get all the attention, your dining chairs are an integral part of your dining experience, so make sure that you find a set that meets all of your needs.

You might think finding the perfect set of dining chairs is easy – just buy something that looks and feels nice and you’re done. However, you might find yourself in hot water if you follow this tactic. There are important things to consider before you hand over your money for a set of dining chairs.

Dining Chair Size

This is probably the factor that is overlooked the most often. When people are shopping for dining chairs, they’re worried about two things – how does it look and will it be comfortable? None of these things will matter if the chair doesn’t physically fit the table or room. The most beautiful cherry dining chairs are wasted if you can’t use them.

If you’re planning on purchasing dining chairs with arms, the first thing you should do is measure the distance between the underside of your table to the floor. You’ll need enough room to slide your chair in and out from the table with ease. If you’re buying side dining chairs, unless the height of the seat is dramatically high, you shouldn’t have to worry about this step.

Next, evaluate the shape of the room. Take measurements from the edges of the tables to the surrounding walls. You’ll need sufficient space to comfortably fit a person sitting down at the table. Four to six feet of space should do the trick.

Finally, you’ll need to decide how many seats you’ll want at the table. Don’t try to crowd things; make sure there’s ample elbow room at each place setting.

Standard Furniture Woodmont Side Chair in Brown Cherry

Dining Chair Style

Just because something looks great in a picture doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for your dining room. Scope out the room to get a feel for the décor, and pay special attention to your dining table. Your choice of chair should blend in seamlessly. If you have an antique mahogany dining table, modern dining chairs made from leather or metal is an awkward fit. Instead, a set of wooden dining chairs with detailed carvings makes more sense.

If you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, upholstered or leather chairs are a smart choice. Look for finishes in chocolate, black or espresso, and make sure the chairs have smooth and simple lines.

It’s important to remember to balance style with comfort. If you love the look of metal, plastic or wood chairs with little to no cushion, ask yourself if you want something that provides a bit more padding. If you enjoy relaxing around the table after a big dinner, you’ll want something that is a bit easier on the backside.

If all of this is sounding a bit too stuffy for your tastes, folding dining chairs are a wonderful fit in dining rooms with a more laidback flavor.

Why are Dining Chairs Important?

Dining chairs are the perfect complement to your dining table, and a great set can go a long way in improving the overall aesthetic of your dining room.