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Create a Clever Home Bar with a Pub Set

Are you thinking about building a bar in your basement or media room? Having a bar-style space in your house can be a fun way to enjoy more time at home. Whether you plan to renovate or just purchase furniture, take a look at pub sets for a head start on creating a pub or bar ambiance within a household space.

A pub set typically consists of a bistro-style table and pair of chairs. Some sets come with four chairs, and many manufacturers offer extra chairs separately. Look for a taller pub set to really set the mood.

While many pub sets are so named because the table and bar stools or chairs are made at bar height, keep in mind that not all bar furniture automatically features a tall design. If you prefer counter height< tables and chairs, you’ll be able to find those as well.

Savvy Bar Furniture Choices

When you plan the layout for your home bar, consider how you want conversation to flow in the room. Will you be better served by a few small pub tables or one large round table for the whole group? Are you looking for accent pieces to complement a new bar island or will you be looking for a bar height table to anchor the room?

A pub set is a great start to furnishing your home bar, but you may want to consider other variations to standard pub tables with chairs, bar height or otherwise. When you browse what’s available on the market, you’ll start to find pub sets with cabinets that can very effectively set the tone in your home bar without making any renovations.

As we mentioned above, you could get the ball rolling in your space by purchasing a bar height table and adding chairs to skirt the need for construction or renovation. Consider this route, not only as a cost-saving strategy, but as a forward-thinking bar furniture purchase if you might soon move away from the house you’re in.

Either renovating or making a large furniture purchase can be a substantial investment, so you’ll want to be careful in the planning phase. Make sure you consider all the angles before committing to plans and you’ll have the right bar furniture and layout.

Pub Tables and Chairs for Small Spaces

Adding a pub set to your home can be more than just a bar accessory. In urban loft or other high-ceiling spaces, a set of bar height pub chairs with a table can create a sophisticated cocktail-hour setting. If your kitchen or dining area has more room vertically than horizontally, a pub set could be ideal.

In whatever part of your home you’d like to place a pub set, make notes on the décor and the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve. When you have complementary colors and materials to look for, your pub table and chairs will enhance any room.

Build a home bar and add furniture, create a bar-style space with pub tables, or simply put a different twist on loft living. Today’s pub sets provide the options you need to fit your taste, lifestyle, and budget.