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Choosing the Right Wardrobe Armoire

Essentially a portable storage cabinet, wardrobe armoires are designed to function as a closet, providing an enclosed space for your clothes that protects them from harmful environs. A wardrobe armoire tends to be tall and wide, and typically includes both interior and exterior drawers, a clothing rod, adjustable shelves and pull-out valet trays or cubbies for smaller-sized accessories. Since they are designed specifically to house articles of clothing, a cheap wardrobe armoire is ideal for a hallway, a mud room or foyer that doesn’t have a closet. It can make an entryway more welcoming and functional.

Purpose or Function of Your Wardrobe Armoire

A wardrobe armoire or a bedroom furniture wardrobe can be used to store a specific type of clothing. Decide what you want to predominately use the wardrobe armoire for. Should you wish to store dresses or coats, select the type of wardrobe armoire that resembles a locker (one with no exterior drawers). If you would like to use the armoire for sweaters, t-shirts or sweatshirts, choose an armoire with both doors and drawers.

In addition to clothing, if you intend on using the wardrobe storage cabinet to store small accessories or jewelry pieces, you do not want to risk scratching them. Select one with drawers that are lined with some type of cushioning material like felt or microfiber.

Who are you buying the armoire for? If you’re purchasing a wardrobe armoire for a child’s room, check to see if an anti-tip kit is included. When purchasing a wardrobe armoire for a hallway that is accessible to young children, consider purchasing an anti-tip kit at your local hardware store, just to be on the safe side.

Wardrobe Armoire Features

Adjustable shelving will make your wardrobe armoire adaptable and more functional.

Many wardrobe armoires include a hanging rod. Some types of wardrobe armoires will have a shelf above the hanging rod for small accessories like purses, hats, etc.

Deep case armoires provide more storage room, but they do take up more floor space. However, they are the best type of armoire for storing bulky seasonal clothing such as heavy sweaters, jackets, boots, etc.

Choosing a wardrobe armoire with mirrored doors will help make a smaller-sized room appear larger. If that’s not a consideration for you, select a wooden wardrobe that has a mirror on the inside of one of the doors; this will make your armoire even more functional.