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Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Thinking of Buying a Bunk Bed Set?

We know how it is. Maybe you've walked into your child's bedroom one too many times to discover that his or her limited floor space is cluttered to epic, junkyard proportions. Maybe your teenager needs a place to sleep that doubles as a place to study, so that the rest of the room can be used for those huge beanbag chairs or that cumbersome weight set. Or maybe you just have fond memories of how fun it was sleeping in a bunk bed when you were younger, and you want your kids to have the same kind of "indoor treehouse" experience before they get too big for it.

Whatever the reason, you've decided it's time to put all that overhead space in the kids' room to good use and transform their sleeping area to a more lofty arrangement. Before pursuing this, it’s a good idea to stop and consider all the different options that are available. It can be tough to make grown up buying decisions without being properly informed. The fact is, bunk beds have mutated, and new species have evolved. Now there are all different kinds of bunk beds to choose from, and choosing the right specifications can be a real difficult task.

That’s why we are here to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier. At Cymax Stores, we understand how hard it can be to choose the bunk bed that best suits your needs, especially with all the options we have available. This guide is designed to help you decide what kind of set is best---not only for you, but for your kids too.

Step One: What Do You Need?

Think about why you're buying a bunk bed set. Important things to consider:

The Space

The space in which you plan to put the bunk bed will determine what size, shape, and configuration you will need. For instance, the height of your ceiling may limit the height of the bed you buy. Conversely, a more sprawling design of bunk bed might be too space-consuming for a small room. Try to find a balance that is appropriate for your space restrictions, both vertically and horizontally.

Who Will Use It?

Think about who you're buying the bed for---are they children, teens, or adults? Boys or girls? How much storage is needed? What other space-saving solutions would you like the bed to fulfill? The answers to all of these questions will determine your ultimate decision in buying the right bunk bed.

Decorative Considerations

Remember that the bed should also look good in the space you've chosen. Try to choose a style, finish, and shape that appeal to you and your children and fits appropriately in the designated room.

Now that you've thought about what you need in a bed, the next step is to check out the selection we have to choose from!

Step Two: Look at the Different Types of Bunk Beds

When we say "bunk bed" you probably start thinking either quaint wooden twin-over-twin, or bleak hard metal like something out of Platoon. In reality, there are a lot of types to choose from, some of which may be extremely appealing with their versatility, quality, and presentation.

Standard (Twin Over Twin)

This is your basic bunk bed, two twin beds stacked one on top of the other. The great thing about many standard bunk beds is that they can be separated into two individual beds if the need should ever arise.

Twin Over Full

If one of your kids needs more room, you should consider a twin over full bunk bed. This is the same as a standard, except the bottom bunk is large enough to accommodate a full size (double) mattress. This is an excellent versatile choice for a guest room, as it is suitable for either an adult or a child, or both!

Full Over Full

Again, same as the standard, except both bunks are large enough for a full size (double) mattress. This is a good option for a guest room or a teen's bedroom.

Loft Bunk Bed

One of the most versatile bunk bed types due to the variety of combinations they can come in. The basic design includes a top bunk with space underneath. The space can be used for storage, desk space, or a spot for another bed. There is also a kind known as a T-shaped bunk bed that features a loft bed with a lower bunk that runs perpendicular to it. Many T-shapes are lower than traditional bunk beds, and are perfect for areas with low ceilings. Alternatively, a loft bed with a desk is a great way of creating a study space.

L-Shaped Bunk Beds

Similar to the T-shaped loft bed, L-shaped bunk beds consist of two bunks which are configured so that they are shaped like a capital “L” if viewed from above. This allows extra room under the top bunk that can be used for a computer desk, study area, storage space, dresser, or even a TV. This is an excellent choice for kids who need an extra study area, or for kids who like to play video games in their room.

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon bunk beds consist of a futon sofa on the bottom and a twin bunk on top. It's a great option for kids who have lots of sleepovers, and it can also be used to add versatile sleeping arrangements to any room of your choice.

Triple Bunk Bed

This is essentially a regular bunk bed with a loft bed attached to one side in an "L" formation. Many types of triple bunk beds are also available in X-long (five inches longer than a standard twin), which makes them a popular choice for a teen’s room or a dorm room. Again, a good choice for sleepovers.

Step Three: Consider Additional Features

You may think a bunk bed is just a place to sleep, but bunk beds often come with additional features, designed to make your life easier. Think about some of these options:

Storage Drawers

Many bunk beds come with drawers, usually either installed under the bottom bunk as part of a captain's bed box, or in the form of a built-in dresser. No matter how lazy your kids are, they will no longer have an excuse to leave their things lying around.

Trundle Beds

Some bunk beds come with a third mini-bed that slides out from beneath the bottom bunk. This is known as a trundle bed, and it creates a tidy solution for sleepover or guest situations. The default rules are simple: smallest kid sleeps on the trundle.

Dressers & Chests

Many bunk beds can house a dresser or chest that is not attached to the frame. This is convenient for when someone drops something precious under the dresser, because you don't have to move the whole bedframe to get little Nikki's earring.

Step Four: Keep it Stylish!

You want their space to look just as good as the rest of your home. When choosing a style, it's important to strike a balance between your tastes, their tastes, and the demands of practicality. By considering these three factors in your decision, you can create an environment that will have a lasting appeal.


Inspired by historical periods and their social customs, traditional children’s bedroom furniture can be ornate, with lots of decorative details. Traditional elements include scalloped edges, turned legs and crown molding. Great for putting some fancy expression into your kid's bedroom.


Contemporary children’s furniture typically has simple lines and relaxed ornamentation. With its uncomplicated forms, this style is friendly, practical, and chic.


So you've looked at traditional, and it's too traditional for you. But the contemporary stuff is too contemporary... don't worry, we have another style that's especially made for you. Transitional style uses many of the decorative details found in traditional furnishings, but these have been paired with contemporary design principles. Because of its hybrid nature, transitional style is easily adaptable to a range of décors.


Country furniture has a relaxed, comfortable look and feel. It includes many whimsical decorative details such as stenciling, embossing, and beadboard. Country furniture is typically made of wood and a combination of wood and metal. It has a warm and homey feel that can make your child’s room instantly inviting.

Funky Bunk Beds – Adding Personality

While an ordinary bunk bed can be great fun and will create many fond memories for your kids, the best and fondest memories come from bunk beds with personality. Years from now, you want your kids to look back with joy, their faces lighting up as they say, “Remember the fairy castle bed or “Remember we had a pirate ship bed. These are the kinds of memories that stay golden for the rest of their lives. Don’t just buy a practical, boring bunk bed. Buy a bunk bed that adds character and fun to your children’s room, transforming it into a personalized world just for them!

All popular bunk bed configurations come in lively styles and thematic options. These are often called novelty beds. For example, instead of getting a regular twin over twin, you could get a tent-style twin over twin that has a pioneer theme And with that, you could get the trundle option that not only provides a great solution for sleepovers, but also completes the pioneer bed with wagon wheels and a convenient step. Or instead of getting a regular loft bed, you could get one with a girl’s playhouse theme, or if you have a boy, try a super hero loft bed . For a colourful style that is more unisex, consider getting a T-shaped bed with a cartoon theme.

Whatever you decide on, remember you’re not just buying this bed for you. You’re doing it for the kids. Childhood is the most important time of a person’s life, and a large portion of that is spent in and around the bedroom. The kinds of memories that follow your children for the rest of their lives will hinge upon the kind of environment they live in now. Get a lively bunk bed that appeals to their personalities and adds fun and colour to their lives. You’ll find it adding fun and colour to your life as well.