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Audio Tower Buying Guide

Today's home entertainment systems are often quite complex. Audio and television receivers, DVD players, gaming systems and CD players all need to be stored away neatly. Stacking units on top of each other is not advisable as components can overheat and lose optimal performance. Electronic equipment is expensive so it only makes sense to properly care for it and ensure that everything has a proper home.

Popular Audio Towers

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So now that you've decided you need to purchase an audio tower, don't rush in and purchase one based on looks alone or just because it's on sale. It's important to figure out your needs ahead of time. Keep the following criteria in mind before purchasing an audio tower.

The first consideration should be the size. Take full inventory of your components and be sure to buy a unit that can house them all. It's also a great idea to leave some room just in case you purchase more gear in the future. How much floor space you have available will help to dictate the right size. But don't despair if that doesn't seem adequate. An extra tall audio tower should be able to easily house all of your components and more.

Audio Towers are also called Audio Cabinets

The second thing to consider is access. Would you prefer to have your components out proudly on display? Or perhaps you would prefer to hide them away behind a cabinet door. If you need to use a remote control, take that into consideration and purchase an audio tower cabinet with open shelves or a glass door that allows for IR reception. It's also a great idea to choose an audio tower with wire management systems and integrated ventilation.

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It's also important to take the décor style of your room into consideration. Choose a masculine finish that coordinates with your other furnishings like espresso or black if you are outfitting your mancave or home theater. Or perhaps you would prefer to go for a sleek loft look with finished with metal and glass to blend in with the rest of your living room or family room. A wide range of design styles and finishes are available so it's easy to find one that works with your space.

Your final consideration should be price. Audio towers vary from professional to consumer grade with prices to match. However with all the market competition today, it's easy to find a great quality audio tower that looks great and fits your budget.


Now that you've figured out your needs, it's time to go shopping. It's simple to choose the right audio tower for you when you follow these basic criteria. Take the time to research the models available to ensure that you find the perfect one for your needs.