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Buy a Fireplace - Consumer Tips

A fireplace beautifully creates an instant ambiance that’s warm and inviting, even if you live in an apartment. Today’s market offers a range of alternatives that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a classic wood burning fire without time-consuming and costly maintenance. It is easy to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere in your home with electric or gel fuel fireplaces.Read More

The most popular type in today’s modern times are electric fireplaces. They’re convenient in the sense that they do not require any sort of venting. Venting is needed with a traditional wood burning fireplace because it needs to draw in outside air to keep the fire burning. Therefore, you can install electric fireplaces anywhere – an office, an apartment, or even outdoors. All you need is an outlet to plug it in!

You can even convert your current wood burning fireplace into an electric fireplace with the use of an electric fireplace insert. They are made from cast iron or steel and allow the fire to be viewed while its doors are closed, promoting heat, energy, and money efficiency.

A gel fireplace works by burning a grain-alcohol fireplace gel fuel that comes in cans. On average, one can offers up to three hours worth of flames. It is entirely safe to use and smokeless. There is no ash residue to clean up or regular chimney maintenance to worry about. Since a gel fire doesn’t spark, there is no danger of stray embers causing harm or damage. Gel fuel fires burn efficiently and are ecologically safe.

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect spot to relax or live it up with friends and family. Consider investing in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit if you love to entertain and want a warm spot outside where people can gather round and socialize.

Mantle fireplaces are not only the focal point of the room. They also give you extra storage space. Concerned that your prized possessions will get damaged? Most electric fireplaces don’t create enough heat to do any damage and are only warm to the touch. Read the manufacturer's guide to be sure! Gel fireplaces usually aren’t warm enough to damage items.

Want to utilize an unused corner space? Try a fireplace that’s built to fit snugly in your corner like a corner electric fireplace or corner gel fireplace. Corner electric fireplaces or corner gel firelplaces help you save space and are ideal for apartment living, condos and town houses.

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in modern, contemporary and classic designs for a visually appealing look while taking up less space. Another customer favorite is fireplace stoves for some extra heat!

Cymax offers you cheap fireplaces from top brands like Dimplex and Southern Enterprises while giving you the best customer service. You will also find fireplace screens and fireplace accessories to fit all fireplace models and designs. Buy a fireplace today!