Style Guide: Island Executive Home Office


Having a home-based business means you need to create a space where clients can come in and see that you mean business. An empty cluttered mess with a make-shift desk just doesn’t cut it when you are trying to convey the message of a serious entrepreneur. Tommy Bahama and Hooker Furniture can be paired together to create the masterfully exquisite executive office.

The Tommy Bahama Home collection has a British colonial plantation estate vibe. This desk is no exception to the typical Tommy Bahama style. It is expertly crafted with a built-in shelf in the front panel – definitely fit for the CEO.


Pair the Tommy desk with a fabulous contrast in the Hooker Furniture Seven Seas desk chair, accented with nail studs.


If you are a fan of the dark and mysterious look, then definitely stick with the Tommy Bahama Home collection in the rest of the space. The Admiralty desk chair is definitely will impress your clientele.


Hooker Furniture has a few different bookcases that would complement the desk rather well. The Telluride bunching bookcase has been designed to be used in a wall library format. This bookcase also includes cabinet doors to hide anything that need not be touched by cute little fingers. If you prefer a open shelving unit, try the Seven Seas bookcase instead.

Side-stepping a bit in design, Coaster has a beautifully simple leisure chair that adds a relaxed aura about the room. It isn’t formal, but the contemporary style will work well within this room. Place a chair at a slight angle on each side of the built-in desk shelf for the optimal designer touch.

Keeping the traditional look in mind, add some boldness to the room through the wall color. A yellow-green (similar to the photo) offers a beautiful contrast, but a vineyard grape color is another wonderful option. Or choose colors from the ocean palette to brighten up the room.