Style Guide: Contemporary Glass Dining Room


Glass dining room? It’s easy to see why most dining tables are wood. Wood is inviting, warm and cozy. But sometimes a more modern effect might be what you are after. A glass dining table is the perfect option to give your dining room a more contemporary feel.


Dupen has designed a seventy-five inch long dining table with Spanish-influence touches in the turned legs. This table is a wonderful blend of casual and formal design. An open-space concept home would show this off quite perfectly.


When selecting chairs to match this dining table, most people will go with the coordinating option, such as Dupen’s white chair. This chair was designed to complement the curves in the table legs and is a great choice for that clean, crisp modern home.


For a punch of color, another great option is the Avenue Six Monarch chair. This chair adds a slightly more formal tone to the room, but won’t make guests feel like they need a suit and tie. The soft fabric contrasts beautifully with the white legs of the table. If you can’t decide, then purchase a few of each and play around with the mix to suit your design style.


Lighting is also an important part of the dining room design. If you choose to go all white decor, then add a touch of color while keeping things modern, yet simple. Uttermost’s Sardinia pendant light in red is a great choice lined up as a set of three. It has a sleek modern look that complements the room quite nicely.


Our second lighting choice is also from Uttermost. The Trofarello polished nickel pendant light is a particularly great choice if you decided on the Avenue Six chairs. A pair of globe pendants will complement the subtle sophistication the Monarch collection brings to the dining room.