Modern Interior Design – The Bedroom

Modern style is characterized by clean, spare lines, sleek and polished surfaces and geometric or asymmetrical profiles. While metal and glass are popular construction materials, wood also plays a role in modern interior design. But again, the look is smooth and polished, even when the wood is bleached or has a textured appearance. Form is function: no decorative detail allowed! Visual interest is created through the design and structure of the furniture piece itself. This is what makes modernism so attractive when decorating a room: the result is neat, clean and soothing.

Color palettes are predominately neutral. Whites, grays and taupes are popular shades. For the room we are creating today, one of the whites like “ice mist” or “snowfall white” would provide the perfect contrast for the bed that will be the focal point of the room.


Modloft Ludlow Bed in Wenge and White Leather

Deceptively simple in design, a platform bed is a minimal, rectangular form, often without a headboard or a footboard. It is for this reason that platform beds are often associated with modern style. Since a platform bed generally doesn’t need a box spring or any other type of foundation to support the mattress, the bed stands closer to the floor. This can work to your advantage when decorating a smaller sized room, because it can make the space appear larger. The Modloft Ludlow Bed in Wenge and White Leather has clean lines and an angular profile. The button-tufted detailing provides visual interest while the white headboard paired with a dark wood frame creates a stunning contrast.

When dressing the bed, you can choose one of two options. The first is to keep it “stark” by using white bedding as pictured. While some people are attracted to the clean, minimalist look of modern design, they might be reluctant to go that route but are afraid it will turn out too bleak or cold, the second option is to select bedding that will introduce color into your modern interior bedroom design.


Rossetto Air Right 1 Drawer Night Stand in Warm Oak

The angular profile of the Modloft Ludlow Nightstand in Wenge Finish, echoes the profiles of the bed frame and the headboard. Another excellent choice for our modern style bedroom would be the Rossetto Air Right 1 Drawer Night Stand in Warm Oak. As sleek and linear as the bed is, the base of this nightstand mimics the frame of the platform bed.


The final finishing touches to our modern style bedroom would include accessorizing. While the whole point of accessorizing a room is to make it more comfortable and inviting, as well as functional, you will want to be true to the spirit of the modern interior by sticking to the rule “less is more.” Surfaces should not be cluttered. Make sure you include plenty of storage options, like the Lexington 11 South Boutique Dresser in Chestnut Brown, which will allow you to put things away, out of sight. Table lamps or bedside table lamps should be punctuation points in the design of your modern bedroom. Again, select lamps with clean lines, whether rounded or angular. Forms should be simple yet distinctive in order to provide sufficient amount of light. To add drama to the room, choose bedside lamps that have the appearance of a piece of sculpture.