5 Genius Wine Rack Ideas For Small Spaces

Bottle of red wine, wineglass, grapes and corks on dark background

So you love wine and entertaining guests, but you live in a small apartment and not a huge house with a wine cellar? Form doesn’t always have to meet function.  Sometimes you just need an excuse…

These 5 genius hacks will solve your wine storage problem, because who doesn’t love to have delicious wine at hand for an impromptu girls night in, or a nice romantic dinner?

  1. Why pay for art and a wine rack when you can combine them? Not having to buy both allows you to spend more on the important things in life…like GOOD WINE. If you’ve got a taste for the arts and fine wine, look no further than this beautiful wall mount wine rack in wrought iron. All your friends will be jealous!


Wall Mounted Wine Rack


2. Form and Function at it’s best! Who doesn’t need more end tables?  Oh and it’s also a convenient wine rack. It could even be used as a stool if needed. So efficient!


3. Forget flowers and other decorative centerpieces! This piece is visually pleasing and doubles as a wine rack. A really good conversation starter.



4. Never mind storing blankets and magazines at the end of your sofa. Wine keeps you warm and entertained so it should always be in arms-reach! For those week/weekend nights of watching Scandal or Game Of Thrones.



5. The multi-purpose wine rack. Is this a wine rack or a towel holder? It can be both! Wine storage for when your friends are over and a towel rack for when your in-laws are in town.

Towel and wine