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What is a Bunkie Board?

The phrase bunkie board may sound like a term of endearment, but you might already know that these boards are in fact mattress supports. They are used in lieu of a bulky box spring mattress to add support without extra height. A bunkie board (sometimes spelled bunky board) is ideal for applications like platform beds where a box spring would not be practical. They are a necessity for many bunk beds where head clearance is critical.

Popular Bunkie Boards:

Wolf Twin Bunkie Board for Bunk Beds

Different Sizes of Bunkie Boards

The popularity of bunky boards has risen with the popularity of the platform bed. Today you can find bunkie boards in a full array of mattress sizes: twin size, full/ double size, queen size and king size. The bunkie board is ideal for elevating the mattress to the same height as the platform bed for that popular floating look. A bunky board also adds more support than slats alone.

Bunkie Board Construction

Contemporary bunkie boards are typically made with plywood or particle board. These materials consist of wood strips or chips of varying sizes bonded with glue and molded into the desired thickness, width, and length. Using these composite materials makes bunky boards more affordable than if they required a solid plank of wood. Once the board has been cut and shaped as desired, it is often covered in a cloth layer for added traction with both the mattress and the bed frame.

Alternatives to Bunkie Boards

Some bunk bed frames are designed with built-in boards or slats on one or both beds that replace the need for either a bunkie board or a box spring. As with bunky boards, slats can also be purchased separately, some joined together with fabric cross strips for an adjustable length.

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