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More About Air Beds

"Always be prepared" is a phrase we hear again and again, but how many of us can actually say that we are? Having an air bed handy is one way to stay prepared - whether the air mattress is used for surprise overnight guests, for a convenient sleeping alternative, or for camping in the woods. At More Air Beds, you can find air beds that are made for numerous purposes.Read More

Airbeds aren't made the way they use to be, so don't think you have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. At More Airbeds you will find airbeds made by Aero Products International, Inc., the leading provider of air-filled products under the AeroBed© and Aero© Sport brand names. Aero Products range from both indoor and outdoor use and make it easy to find the right product to fit your needs. Aero Products feature exclusive, patented pump and valve technologies that allow for fast inflation and deflation.

Air beds come with electric pumps so there is no hassle of having to spend hours inflating the air mattress yourself. Air beds are made with puncture resistance and durable materials to bring you a product that will last through any conditions. Manufactured so that air is evenly distributed through the air mattress, your airbed will feel solid and comfortable and you will feel supported when you sleep through the night.

With adjustable comfort controls, AeroBed© air mattresses enable you to adjust the firmness of your AeroBed© at the touch of a button, enabling correct spinal alignment and a healthy night's sleep. At More Air Beds, find a mattress that fits your needs and comfort. No more "one size fits all" either. You can choose an aerobed for kids, or a twin, full, or queen sized air mattress at More Air Beds. You will also find air beds with memory foam and even ultra-fine heating fibers for ultimate comfort.

Traditional airbeds can be used for overnight guests or even for people who are always on the move. Spoil your guests and show them that they are more than welcome with air beds that can inflate within sixty seconds. Air beds have mattress covers that can easily be removed and washed; some mattress covers are made of fleece, making your sleep experience snug and relaxing.

With raised air beds, you will think you are sleeping on a regular mattress because of how comfortable they are. Designed to look like and feel like real beds, raised air beds can transform any room into a bedroom in just a few minutes. With quick deflation, your air bed will be ready for storage before you know it.

Take camping to the next level of comfort with outdoor air beds. Eliminate the feeling of those tree roots and rocks that haunt you when you are camping. Your outdoor aerobed comes with a duffel bag, making it all the more easy to travel with. It also features a built-in pillow and coil construction. You will never say "no" to camping again!

Your ultimate comfort lies at More Airbeds., your online source for Air Beds